About Kulturparken Småland AB

Kulturparken Småland is a limited company owned by Region Kronoberg and Växjö Municipality. The company was formed in 2009, with the goal of coordinating cultural heritage issues in Kronoberg County.

Our broad-based activities include Småland Museum, the Swedish Glass Museum, the House of Emigrants, Kronoberg castle ruins, Kronoberg agricultural museum, Kulturarvscentrum Småland, Kronoberg archives and the steam yacht Thor. We work with collections, archives, public activities and cultural environment issues such as building preservation and archaeology.

Kulturparken Småland is intended to be a place for encounters and a reference point for debate and discussion when it comes to forming the future of the new Småland.


Do you have any ideas or opinions? Please contact: info@kulturparkensmaland.se

Invoice address:
Södra Järnvägsgatan 2, 352 29 Växjö

The Board

Kulturparken Småland AB

Ordförande Maria Svensson Lundin (KD), Region Kronoberg

Vice ordförande Otto Lindlöf (S), Växjö kommun

Ledamot Pernilla Sjöberg (M), Region Kronoberg

Ledamot Lovisa Alm (S), Region Kronoberg

Ledamot Inger Kratz (L), Växjö kommun

Ersättare Ragnar Lindberg (S), Region Kronoberg

Ersättare Kjell Gustafsson (C), Region Kronoberg

Ersättare Lena Johansson (MP), Växjö kommun

Ersättare Cecilia Lundin Danielsson (S), Växjö kommun

Ersättare Ann-Kristin Norlander (C) Växjö kommun