Into the Melting Pot

The Swedish Glass Museum, 17/9–18/11 2022


In the melting pot – a collaboration to transform a problem into a valuable resource.

Since 1742, the Kingdom of Glass in Småland has created art glass that is today famous all over the world and that can be found in many Swedish homes. Centuries of successful production also have a downside. What remains in the places where glass factories once flourished are hundreds of piles of glass waste that pose a danger to human health and the environment because they contain toxic heavy metals.

Several large remediation projects have been carried out since 2012 and the exhibition shows parts of the process from the project “Innovative Remediation” which was started in 2019. The goal of the project is to show the possibilities for business, reuse and circularity through collaboration, innovation and design.

The exhibition Into the Melting Pot shows images from the Glasriket’s glory days and compares them with how it looks today. Glass in different fractions is displayed along with contents and products that have been created from the purified glass.


About the exhibition

Into the Melting Pot is a collaborative project between the four glass kingdom municipalities (Nybro, Emmaboda, Lessebo and Uppvidinge), the County Administration Boards in Kalmar and Kronoberg counties, RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden, RagnSells and the design studio Form Us With Love.