The Swedish Emigrant Institute

The Swedish Emigrant Institute was founded in 1965 on the initiative of the incoming governor of Kronoberg County, Gunnar Helén. The purpose was to collect and preserve archives, literature and memories from the Swedish emigration era, 1846-1930, when nearly 1.3 million Swedes emigrated to the USA and Canada. The research department at the House of Emigrants is therefore a national and international gold mine for both family and emigration researchers. Since 2015, Kulturparken Småland has been running this work with the House of Emigrants and with the Foundation’s collections according to a collaboration agreement.

In the permanent exhibition entitled Dream of America , the different phases of the emigration are depicted, together with the country the emigrants left and the country they arrived in, from several perspectives. In the second permanent exhibitionthe Moberg room, Vilhelm Moberg’s authorship is presented through original manuscripts, photographs and objects, with special emphasis on the emigrant novels.

Friends of the Emigrant Institute.

An association of friends of the Swedish Emigrant Institute was established in 1984 and so far more than 2 million kronor has been invested in exhibitions and other activities. The Friends of the Emigrant Institute also publish books.

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